Satanic Panic Miniatures


Satanic Panic aims to bring fun, varied and affordable miniatures in traditional metal, to those of you who want to not just be able to play a skirmish game, but also field armies of 28mm warriors, without selling a vital organ or making dark pacts with nameless gods. (Although, we would never discourage you from the latter!)


Formerly Screaming Mob Miniatures, Satanic Panic is the new brand name reflecting the vision of producing models which have an inspirational lineage to the much-loved models of the 1980s on which so many of us cut our gaming teeth. The name may be new, but is built upon the firm foundations of it's sister businesses Conflict In Colour and S.N.A.F.U Scenics. In short, we take our business very seriously indeed.


I am a passionate veteran gamer of almost 4 decades at the time of writing and the author of the well received gaming memoir 'Real Life's A Bu**er - A Tale Of Sex, Dragons And Rock 'N' Roll'. In the 1990s I also ran the Sheffield branch of the Dungeons & Starships chain of stores, so I have 'seen the elephant' as it were. (I was also the very first customer of GW Sheffield when it opened in the early 80s)


I harken back to a time before blister packs and slotta bases, where  the models mattered more than the packaging. With that in mind, I am taking a very firm stance on the matter of 'frippery'  which will increase the bottom line price for you, the customer.


The first ranges will be classic Great Gnolls in Norman style garb, Hobgoblins and Meso-American Warrior Women all sculpted by the esteemed Martin Buck. There will be infantry, cavalry, siege weapons and characters. And believe me there will be literally hundreds of variants right from the outset.


Beyond that, I have plans which are firmly rooted in the Old School camp which I don't want to disclose quite yet, but which I am sure will be of interest to most gamers who remember a time before spiky and gothic, became the norm.


All the best,


Mark H

September 2018

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